Monthly Archives: September 2020

Seeing Bias in News

I’ve just subscribed to an app called Ground.News which is a fabulous way of looking at news stories from the perspective of various news publishers. Not only that, but you can see it from multiple geographical regions and even see which publishers have picked up a story (and therefore which have not).

Since I signed up with the professional subscription, I have a referral code to give out. Go to and enter 022212.

Open Source: White-Spaces

A couple months ago I started contributing to an open source tool called “Spacedeck Open”. I was very excited about it, and had some early success with getting pull requests accepted. Lately, however, the maintainer has gone mostly silent and I’ve had a PR pending for over 6 weeks. So I decided to fork the tool and create my own version of it in collaboration with another person also frustrated with the slow pace of work. The new repository is called White-Spaces and it is a live virtual white board tool.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, check out white-spaces on GitHub.