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305/500000 and Some Pottery News

This past week up to but not including the 29th of Jan, I completed an additional 170 sit-ups, and reached 305 total so far. On the 29th, I also did my first set of 35, although the quality of the last few was low. I hope to get 200 done this week… remembering that I have to get up past 500/day to reach my goal by age 50! I’m starting easy the first few weeks, by only doing maximum two sets a day. I’ll start doing more sets the week after next, and try to get to 50 in a set around the same time.

I also ran our kiln to the first cone 04 bisque firing. It went mostly smoothly, but the kiln-sitter cone broke rather than bending. As a result, I’m not 100% sure that it reached cone 04. Here are a couple pics of what we put in:

Bottom shelf: the large piece on the right didn’t completely survive… it fractured into two pieces.
Sorry this is blurry… smaller pieces on the top shelf.

135/500000 Sit-ups

One week has passed towards my goal of 500000 by my 50th birthday. I just had my 47th birthday so I have 365 x 3 + 1 (leap day) – 3 = 1093 days left.

I did 10, 20, 20, 25, and 20 reps over the days since my last post. Because I have a long ways to go, I can be patient with myself.

I’ve thought of taking a “before” picture, but I’m not really doing this for weight reasons. I hope it will help in that regard, but really it’s for general physical fitness. Sit-ups are one of the easiest, most flexible self-powered exercises. No excuses about equipment, space or convenience possible.

New Personal Goal. 500,000.

Today I did my first 20 sit-ups towards my goal of 500,000 by the time I turn 50. Over the next little bit, I’m going to try to figure out other 500,000 goals too.

It started last week. I was working at a client doing a bit of executive coaching (oh, by the way, my sabbatical is over!). One of the people I was working with is a guy who clearly takes care of his body. I asked him about it, and he said that he had actually originally wanted to be a physical trainer. He then gave me a very simple piece of advice (which I’m only partially taking): start by doing just a little bit of exercise every day. Don’t make it complicated: sit-ups or push-ups is fine. He also told me that he doesn’t use a gym. He just does stuff at home.

So then today I was thinking about my upcoming birthday where I’ll be turning 47. That’s pretty darn close to 50. Somehow that got me thinking about my goals for turning 50. Usually, my goals are health-related since that is the part of my life I take the least care of. I thought of a few different ideas, but the one that stuck? The goal of 500,000 by 50.

So, I did some mental math (I love math). 50 is three years away for me… roughly 1000 days. 500,000 divided by 1000 is 500. When I was a kid, I was able to do 70 sit-ups in a minute. I can get there again. That means that if I slowly by linearly get better at this, somewhere around the middle of my 3 years, I will need to do 500 sit-ups per day, and if I can only do 35/minute at that point, that’s a reasonable 15 minute-ish workout. Seems do-able. If I can continue to speed up, then 500,000 is do-able,… but still a tough goal to reach.

So that’s my first 500,000 goal.

I’m thinking of others, but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

PS. I got an 81 as my final mark in my Math 3020 Introduction to Abstract Algebra class, and an 88 in my Math 2155 Introduction to Mathematical Structures class. Not bad for an old guy!