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305/500000 and Some Pottery News

This past week up to but not including the 29th of Jan, I completed an additional 170 sit-ups, and reached 305 total so far. On the 29th, I also did my first set of 35, although the quality of the last few was low. I hope to get 200 done this week… remembering that I have to get up past 500/day to reach my goal by age 50! I’m starting easy the first few weeks, by only doing maximum two sets a day. I’ll start doing more sets the week after next, and try to get to 50 in a set around the same time.

I also ran our kiln to the first cone 04 bisque firing. It went mostly smoothly, but the kiln-sitter cone broke rather than bending. As a result, I’m not 100% sure that it reached cone 04. Here are a couple pics of what we put in:

Bottom shelf: the large piece on the right didn’t completely survive… it fractured into two pieces.
Sorry this is blurry… smaller pieces on the top shelf.