Lego MOC: Etherspace 1

The BoSpax Etherspace 1 is one of the later explorer models built by BoSpax Corp, designed to push the limits of speed and distance compared to anything before. The designer of the Etherspace 1 claimed that not a single part used in the design was unchanged from previous explorers. That wasn’t exactly true as the core structural system used was, indeed, the BoSpace Corp’s Modular Space Conveyance brand system.

Nevertheless, for the drive, energy, life support, living quarters, defence, navigation and sensory systems were indeed designed from the ground up. As a result, the Etherspace 1 was one of the most expensive models BoSpax Corp ever created… and also the least successful in number of units built and sold. A mere 37 units ever took voyages.

The Etherspace 1 was in use from 4194AD to 4421AD. During that time it accomplished several notable voyages for various organizations including the United Nations and the SecHum Organism. Some of the accomplishments include:

  • Contact with the non-spiritence Coop Hegemony at 870LY from Sol.
  • Contact with Galactic Core Network “feelers” (scouts) at 3500LY core-ward.

The Etherspace 1 is now seen as the beginning of the end for BoSpax Corp, although several models were created afterwards and the decline took several hundred years.

I really had fun creating this model. It happened after a trip to the Lego Store where I got several containers from the Pick-a-Brick. Among the pieces were the 4 x 6 plates and the orange 2 x 2 tiles that feature in this model. It was my first MOC where I really tried to embrace SNOT building techniques.

Part of the Terminal Conclave Universe.

You can purchase instructions to build this model on Rebrickable.