Archive Journal Entry: 20021209

Another brief update… Melanie and I have been worried about the kids. Their behavior has been terrible. Justice in particular is throwing things, angry, yelling, and frequently disobedient. Melanie and I consulted about it and decided that while I am away during the week, Melanie will spend most of her time just playing with the kids. This is tough for her partly because she never really played as a child (too much time in lessons)! Her habit is to always take care of responsibilities and never have fun, even with the kids. I have tried to play with them too. With Justice, I play with Lego, wrestle a little bit, read stories and tell stories that I make up. Lately I have been telling a continuing story about Tahnok and Tahnok Va (Lego Bionical characters) and their adventures with many colored masks. With Haifa, it is a little more difficult, but I try to read her stories, play with stuffed animals and just spend time holding her and showing her things. So today, Monday, Melanie tried this plan out and aparently it worked very very well… both Justice and Haifa were happy and well behaved. Justice even started singing a love song about how he loves God, Mama, Dada, himself, and Haifa and how he has to help everyone feel love and the Baha’i spirit (not in exactly those words – but close :-). When Melanie told me about this I got a little teary-eyed. This evening Justice sang the song to me over the phone.

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