Archive Journal Entry: 20030319

I had an interesting suprise last night. When I broke the fast, I went to one of those buffets where one loads up and then the meal is weighed. It seems that I put over a kilogram of food in my plate!!! With that, and drinking a half litre of water, my measured weight would instantly jump by 3 or 4 pounds!!! Now, of course, weight does not correlate with number of calories, and in fact some of the food I chose had a very high water content, but still it was a suprise. I shall try tonight to eat less, although I missed breakfast 🙁

Why did I miss breakfast today? Well I forgot to bring my cell phone charger with me to Jersey City this week. Thus, it has run out of batteries and can no longer be used as my alarm clock. I downloaded some trial clock software which will play mp3’s. I set it up, tested it, and then set it for the morning. For some reason it did not go off and I slept in. (It seems that I had accidentally left the alarm “off” even though I had set a time for it.) Arg.

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