A Logician’s Proof of God

Reading one of my math books this evening (not one of my textbooks) called “The Philosophy of Set Theory” by Mary Tiles, I noticed in the bibliography a book “Foundations of Mathematics” by Hatcher, W. S. and I wondered if it was the William Hatcher who is a logician and a Baha’i.  As it turns out, it is the very same.  Investigating this led me to his wikipedia page and then to an online pdf that outlines his logic-based proof of the existence of a unique, singular, causal God (not any particular religion’s description of God).  It’s an interesting read.  Given that I’m studying logic, set theory and axiomatic systems right now, it was cool to see those applied to this particular question.  I can’t point any holes in the argument and the argument is short, and designed to empirically match scientific understanding about the universe.

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