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Archive Journal Entry: 20030330

Two days ago I moved my server. I have purchased a low-end business class ADSL internet connection from Bell. They now route my class-C IP set (204.83.35) to my home. The technician came and installed my ADSL filters and router, called the tech center, and voila! my IP set was re-routed… Unfortunately they didn’t tell me that’s how it was going to happen. I had told them that I would need to give the word to re-route so that I could move my server in an orderly fashion. Instead, I realized my IP was moved because I couldn’t reach my server anymore. I quickly took the van up to Barrie to the colocation facility of Apexia Voice and Data, grabbed my server, came home, and plugged it in. Fortunately I didn’t need to change any settings on the server to get it up and running again. Thanks go to Shane at Apexia for all the great help he has given me over the few years that I have been with them. Now I get to spend time reconfiguring my home network so that I can cancel my Rogers cable internet service.

Christian sent me this interesting article about programmers as artists.