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Archive Journal Entry: 20021109

The course went well. I now remember why I want to be a teacher. Someday I will be one.

Today is the second day of Melanie being away on the house-hunting trip. Justice and Haifa and I had a great day. We spent the entire day building the new Lego sets we bought yesterday. The main accomplishment was the completion after six hours of the Rebel Blockade Runner, the Tantive IV. I got a little short tempered by the end of it, but Haifa helped quite a bit and Justice had incredible endurance. The whole experience reminds me very much of when my dad bought the big Auto Chassis technic set for Alexei and I. It was an amazing experience for me as a kid (maybe eight years old), and I hope it is likewise for Justice. Mind you, after all that effort, I really don’t feel much like letting Justice play with it… We also built a few Harry Potter sets. Unfortunately Justice ended the day by throwing a small tantrum about not being able to build the set we bought for Melanie. I decided that the best thing was to take all the new Lego away for the rest of the night (about 2 hours). I don’t mind him expressing his desire to play with it, but getting angry about it is unacceptable and I want to encourage the idea that getting angry backfires.

Melanie has called with excellent news about our prospects for finding a good rental home in Markham. One place she visited she considers absolutely perfect and it is well within our budget (for those Canadians who might read this, our budget is a bit atrocious: CA$2500/month – but that’s substantially less than we are paying for our place out here in California). It also seems to have high speed internet access through Rogers Cable. If I can get a decent business-level connection it would be ideal. If not, I will settle for a normal residential level of service… it will still be better than the crappy service we have here in Daly City from SBC.

My poor dad is having computer troubles again.

Yesterday I also bought myself two computer games. I’ve been waiting to get Civilization III for a long time now. I noticed that the price at Fry’s was lower than it has been in the past so I grabbed it. So far, I’ve only played up to the 1500’s in a no-opponents, easiest level run-through to learn the new stuff. I’ll try my hand against some AI players shortly. Mind you, I’m still all for fast-twitch type games like Quake 3 Arena. I also bought Age of Mythology which seems to be a sister product to Age of Empires (which I liked very much). I haven’t played it yet. And yes, they are both Microsloth products… an organization that large can’t be all bad.