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Archive Journal Entry 20030115

I’ve been reading “Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah” lately. On Monday night I came across this quote:

CXXIII. The generations that have gone on before you–whither are they fled? And those round whom in life circled the fairest and the loveliest of the land, where now are they? Profit by their example, O people, and be not of them that are gone astray.
Others ere long will lay hands on what ye possess, and enter into your habitations. Incline your ears to My words, and be not numbered among the foolish.
For every one of you his paramount duty is to choose for himself that on which no other may infringe and none may usurp from him. Such a thing–and to this the Almighty is My witness–is the love of God, could ye but perceive it.
Build ye for yourselves such houses as the rain and floods can never destroy, which shall protect you from the changes and chances of this life. This is the instruction of Him Whom the world hath wronged and forsaken.

I like this a lot because Melanie and I have been talking about our “dream home” and where to live. We are concerned about stability and being close to family. But although those things are important to a degree, they are also impossible to guarantee.

Today was a great day at work. I accomplished a lot including some review of c++, working on automated test plans and test cases, and some architectural work for the project I am on right now. Tomorrow (actually today since it is 12:30am), I have meetings all day. Should be interesting.