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Archive Journal Entry: 20030311

Today (actually yesterday since it is 1:00am) I had a very large day. Melanie and I woke up at 5:30am to do the Baha’i fast together. We made two kinds of maki sushi, one with crab meat and one with canned tuna meat. Both rolls had avocado and cucumber. Then we said some prayers together and I went to the airport. At the airport I met a nice young man in line at customs. He works in the automotive industry as a project manager. My flight was good and then I went to get a rental car. I ended up with an Nissan Xterra. It’s okay, but it feels a little wobbly on bumps. You will see in a few moments why I got a rental (since I ususally don’t). I went to my apartment. This was my first time driving myself and it went very well – I remembered all the right turns etc. that I had only viewed as a passenger in cabs. I went in to work right away (which meant 12:30). Work went very well. It was a productive day and I felt like things went well with my manager and one of the people on the business side of the organization. I left early though. I walked to the grocery store and got my dinner. I also stopped at Business Depot and bought a wireless keyboard and mouse which I am using at this moment (Logitech). I came home, ate blueberry pancakes and felt the worse for it – serves me right! After eating I finally got to my big thing for the day: I took the SUV and went to Ikea!!! At Ikea I purchased a large number of things including a desk, futon sofa/bed, dinner table and chairs, office chair, lamp, side tables, cushions, clothes hangers, cutlery (12 place settings), and some energy efficient light bulbs. Getting it all into the SUV and then up to my apartment was quite a task! So far I have built the desk, the lamp, the office chair and the dinner table. I have also unwrapped the futon mattress and I will sleep on it tonight 🙂 Good-night!