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Sabbatical Day 27 – Feeling Good

Today I got back my first marks for any assignment.  I turned in my assignment for Math 3020 on Tuesday and the professor returned them today.  I got 20/20.  The prof made a couple comments including that one of my proofs was too complicated, and that some of my notes for a different exercise were good observations.  This is the assignment that I worked crazy number of hours to complete.  The prof also gave us our second assignment.  It looks equally challenging.  This time around I have to be careful about how much extra work I create for myself; last time I did _all_ of the exercises in the textbook not just the ones assigned as homework.  Perhaps this time I will do the homework exercises first and then go back to do some additional exercises from the textbook as time permits.  Here is a photo of my grade for my first assignment:

Homework Assignment Math 3020 Score