Lego MOC: Space Conveyance 003

Space Conveyance 003 (SC003) was designed as a fast etherspace medium-load transport. Crew of 5, and passengers from 40 to 800 depending on configuration. The Space Conveyance 003 was built in the period 2441AD to 2516AD by BoSpax Corp in response to commercial requests for a faster transport system to local solar neighbourhood star systems.

The etherspace drive is complemented by an ion-fusion hybrid power system with four high-efficiency intake fuel rods compared to earlier designs with less efficient in-transit fuel replenishment systems.

The core structural system comprises two modules of the BoSpax Corp’s Modular Space Conveyance™ brand modules. The fore module is partially used for Crew, control, etc. while the aft module is completely configurable for any use including hazardous materials conveyance.

The SC003 was so successful, it was often seen in popular media, although there is some evidence BoSpax Corp arranged for paid product placement in many cases.

The best known historical incident involving a Space Conveyance 003 was the incident with the still-unexplained solar flare incident which killed the crew and passengers of the SC003-1860 when they were passing by Alpha Centauri C in a standard slingshot fuel replenishment maneuver. The flare was considered a once in one billion year event, at best and conspiracy theories around its occurrence survived for over a century after the event.

There are no surviving SC003 units known. Images are retrieved from verified archival data and corroborated through several independent sources.

This model was designed in 2015 as a random “doodle” with actual bricks. The LDD model was created after the physical model was completed. There are two other models inspired by a similar construction method involving 6×4 plates. I am integrating this model into the Terminal Conclave universe story.

Total part count: 251. You can buy the plans on

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