Lego MOC: Space Conveyance 004

Lego MOC: Space Conveyance 004

Space Conveyance 004 (SC004) was designed as a long-range etherspace heavy-load transport. Crew of 8, and passengers from 40 to 2400 depending on configuration. The Space Conveyance 004 was built in the period 2467AD to 2680AD by BoSpax Corp in response to growing government and large commercial shipping among systems in the local solar neighbourhood.

The etherspace drive is complemented by an ion-fusion hybrid power system with two ultra-high-efficiency intake fuel rods, based on innovations following the SC003. Each intake fuel rod is capable of collecting more than eight times more fuel than that of the fuel rods in the SC003.

The core structural system comprises six modules of the BoSpax Corp’s Modular Space Conveyance™ brand modules. The fore module is partially used for Crew, control, etc. while the aft modules are completely configurable for any use including hazardous materials conveyance and colonization missions. The capacity for the SC004 was based on a 50% surplus over the typical colonization mission cargo to future-proof it. In fact, this decision was prescient as shortly after it’s maiden voyage, the SC004-0001 was required to do an emergency evacuation of a colony. This successful use of the SC004 assured its commercial success.

The SC004 was not as well-known as the SC003, likely due to it’s very functional appearance. Nevertheless, BoSpax Corp probably had its highest return on investment on any spacecraft with the SC004 due to the extremely high volume of units built and the extremely simple and stable design. In all, over 8000 units were built over its 200+ years in service.

At the time of this writing (340012AD), there are two known relic SC004’s: SC004-3503 and SC004-7977. Neither have any known historical significance, but their state of preservation is significant as nearly all technological relics from the pre-Terminal Conclave period are destroyed. Both units were bunkered in a nano-vacuum stasis field near the core of Earth’s moon for unknown reasons. Their discovery in 143247AD sparked a fairly lengthy period of archeological exploration by the Terminal Conclave.

These two artifacts are now maintained by the Natural Spiritance Association in a noosphere extrusion accessible to all.

The original design for this MOC was created in LDD in 2015. There are two other models inspired by a similar construction method involving 6×4 plates. I am integrating this model into the Terminal Conclave universe story. The instructions are available on Rebrickable and are based on a careful conversion to Studio.

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