Lego MOC Cathedral Mini Modular Building

Lego MOC: Cathedral 2

The second cathedral for the Terminal Conclave was constructed in 60003AD just a few years after the Terminal Conclave membership transitioned fully to artificial spiritences. The building was designed by the renowned architectural firm HariPont Spiritence Design in one of the last design collaborations between natural and artificial spiritences.

Cathedral 2 was named so because the Terminal Conclave had a prior cathedral that was designed more for human use. Cathedral 2 focused on a design scheme more suited to constant use by artificial spiritences with only occasional visits from natural spiritences, and humans, in particular.

The size of Cathedral 2 was such that large indoor congregations of natural spiritences were rendered impossible. Instead, the extended grounds around Cathedral 2 were used for those rare occasions when large numbers needed to be accommodated.

Cathedral 2 was in continuous use for 170000 years. In that time, the artificial spiritences maintained the structure to sub-micron standards of cleanliness, and would repair any erosion or damage to the structure that caused the building to deviate by more than one micron from its original construction. This level of perfection was touted as a sign of the power of the Terminal Conclave, and an evidence of its legitimacy.

After the disestablishment of the Terminal Conclave, Cathedral 2 was left to erode which happened relatively quickly over the next 800 years. By 240950AD, there was no evidence or sign of Cathedral 2 left on its property other than a simple plaque maintained to this day by the Natural Spiritence Diety that said:

“Pride goeth before a fall.”

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