Lego MOC: Micro Space – Judgement 1

The “Judgement” series of proselytizers was deployed by the Terminal Conclave starting in 10225AD and used continuously through to 58800AD. The Judgement 1 was the first in the series and it’s basic design was so successful it was in use for over ten thousand years. It was only deployed once the Judgement 8 was built which was fast enough to overtake all the Judgement 1’s throughout the galaxy.

Micro Space - Judgement 1 - 00

Only one thousand eight hundred and forty-three Judgement 1’s were created, compared to the tens of thousands of each of the later craft in the series. It was an early hybrid combining pre- and post-spiritence technology: a hyper-drive and a Transcendence Drive. The Transcendence Drive in the Judgement 1 had a very modest conversion efficiency so its usual operating mode required frequent stops at stellar systems for refuelling.

Micro Space - Judgement 1 - 01

The Judgement 1 was jointly managed by a natural spiritence and a level-2 artificial spiritence crew. Its passenger capacity was only four. This was increased dramatically in later versions of the Judgement proselytizers. The four passengers were almost always a family of natural spiritences who were expected to reproduce through several generations before arriving at their destination.

Micro Space - Judgement 1 - 02

The very first Judgement 1 built had some minor flaws in the Transcendence Drive which resulted in partial spiritence annihilation for both biologic and artificials. This was detected through health checks after the first crew and passenger complement had completed two Transcendence jumps. Fortunately, they were saved from complete annihilation, but their effectiveness as proselytizers was greatly diminished. The second Judgement 1 was fixed and deployed to pick up the crew and passengers from the first to return them home for re-indoctrination. Interestingly, this error in the Transcendence Drive was eventually used to create annihilation weapons and ultimately used in the downfall of the Terminal Conclave.

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