Lego MOC - Micro Space - Morality 3

Lego MOC: Micro-Space Morality 3

The Morality series of ships was used primarily by artificial spiritences. The Morality 3 had no accommodation for human crew or passengers. Instead, the corporeal aspects of the artificial spiritences were held in dense, communal spaces that humans would have found intolerable even if they could physically fit. The Morality 3 had a capacity for up to 10 artificial spiritence “passengers” and was run by a crew of two, a level-4 command artificial spiritence and a level-2 logistics artificial spiritence.

The Morality 3 was most often used as a transport for minor Terminal Conclave missions to devote new sacred nodes with alien spiritences. It was fast, small, and highly efficient. It had almost no physical propulsion systems other than basic in-system reactance engines. Instead, its technology was almost completely focused on accurate noosphere transits.

Terminal Conclave records show that slightly over 100 Morality 3 units were built, in total, and used continuously over the period from about 107000AD to 240000AD.

Instructions for this model can be downloaded for free from Rebrickable.

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