Lego MOC - Micro Space - Religion 1

Lego MOC: Micro Space – Religion 1

The “Religion” series of cruisers became popular with the Terminal Conclave for the period  13200AD to 13400AD. The Religion 1 was the first mass-produced model in the series and featured a Transcendence Drive hyper-tuned to the galactic noosphere. Six hundred and sixty five Religion 1’s were deployed for outreach missions. The Religion 1 was managed by a level-4 artificial spiritence and had a passenger capacity of nineteen. No known remaining functional Religion 1 cruisers exist having all been reconverted to subsequent models of the Religion series and the Morality series.

Lego MOC - Micro Space - Religion 1

Here is a photo of my original model:

The instructions file can be downloaded here:

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