Archive Journal Entry: 20021030

In a few weeks we are moving from San Francisco back to Toronto. Melanie is going to go house hunting next weekend. We hope to find something in either Markham or Mississauga. We are moving because I will start a long-term contract at Schwab Capital Markets in Jersey City. I’m going to be doing software and system architecture analysis to start with. I also hope to introduce some concepts from agile methods. When I was working at Q-Soft (now MegaWheels) in Calgary, we used an extremely agile methodology. We developed a prototype and then every few days brought in potential customers to view it and provide feedback. We then integrated the feedback and showed it again. We also did a little pair programming. I consider that experience to be one of my best development experiences. I was also working with two of my best friends: Jesse Burns and Christian Gruber. We’ve gone on to work together several more times: Sun Microsystems (really Lighthouse Design), Troba, and then with Solution Architects.

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