Archive Journal Entry: 20021103

Here’s some interesting links:

Mathematicians have apparently been able to analyze various forms of elections. All the types they mention in the article are with a limited set of candidates for a position. I wonder how the Baha’i election system would rate?

I’m a big fan of computer graphics and animation. Disney/Pixar are coming out with a new movie next spring called “Finding Nemo“. The link is to the trailer in QuickTime.

I’ve been in a lot of discussions about philosophy that eventually get ground down to the issue of the validity of logic. Here is an interesting article about Alternative Logic systems.

Finally, a couple of Microsoft links. Microsoft’s Windows XP is bad for people to use. And Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT are all fundamentally insecure. Don’t use Microsoft operating systems if you can possibly avoid it. Instead, consider Linux (such as RedHat’s distribution), or Unix (such as MacOS/X, OpenBSD or FreeBSD).

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