Archive Journal Entry: 20021231

New Year’s Eve.

We’re having a great time here at my dad’s. Today my dad took the kids (Benja, Micah, Haifa, Justice and I) to his studio. The young ones painted bird houses. Haifa did a really great job 🙂 I sat beside her and helped her get paint. We used some really neet little tubes of watercolors. After the painting was done, dad pulled out his bow and showed Justice how it worked. Dad shot at a target in the studio only about 5meters away. He got the quarter sized bulls-eye on his eighth shot. Justice was really impressed.

Yesterday was Haifa’s birthday. We had a small party. Klee Rogers and the Konopakies came by. Haifa got some gifts and we had a Dairy Queen icecream cake. I took lots of photos and they will eventually get put up on Melanie’s site. Yesterday was the first day that Haifa really seemed to be doing better. We have discovered that decongestant really helps her feel good as she is getting rid of her sickness.

We bought a whole bunch more movies including the “Back to the Future” trilogy, “Iron Monkey” and others. I loved “Iron Monkey” just for the fight scenes.

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