Sabbatical Day 12 – I’m Exhausted!

My third work day in a row including five hours of driving for my class in Toronto.  Ug.  Don’t get me wrong… the class was great – full of energy, and my colleague Jerry Doucett was amazing as usual – but my sleep has been erratic and my eating has been poor, and I’ve been getting way more exercise than normal (good), and I had my colleague Forbes Benning with me on the drive in to Toronto (good, but exhausting due to my introversion)… anyway, I don’t want to complain too much… oh… and I’ve had a significant amount of reading and homework from my classes.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short.  I am incredibly thankful to be able to help out my family and spend more time with them and these few days of work-focus with extended hours have made me even more grateful about this time on sabbatical.  (Full days of work will be rare.  I’m not teaching again until October 16th.)

So, without further ado, good night dear readers.

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