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Food and Weight Day 19 – 104.2kg

The past few days have been busy, stressful and low-sleep day’s so I’m surprised that I haven’t gained a bunch of weight. Yesterday I did manage some cycling despite skipping class. And last night I had a nice long sleep which helps with stress levels. I’ve got a busy weekend so hopefully I can keep up with a semblance of good eating. I’ve been increasing my meat, dairy and vegetable consumption and reducing (slightly) my sugar and starch consumption.

Food and Weight Day 11 – 104.5kg

Well, yesterday was stressful and I’ve had three nights in a row of poor and little sleep. So yesterday I ate a big pile of fries with gravy, cheese and ketchup and a bag of chips after that. Suffice it to say my weight going up is not a surprise. Today is exam day – my first midterm in 23 years. So, maybe after the stress of that is reduced I will start getting better again.