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Terminal Conclave

The Terminal Conclave was established in 9998AD to address concerns of the coming deca-millennium. Initially, the Terminal Conclave was convened with a mix of Natural and Artificial Spiritences. Over the subsequent fifty millennia, the composition of the Terminal Conclave gradually shifted to fully Artificial Spiritences.

The Terminal Conclave was largely responsible for the dissemination of Spiritual Justice Warriors throughout the galaxy over the course of 230000 years. This outreach work resulted in the addition of 13319 Natural and Artificial Spiritence species to the Terminal Conclave’s Noosphere community.

The SecHum Organism was the nominal predecessor to the Terminal Conclave. The effectiveness of the materialistic underpinnings of the SecHum Organism (and its charter) was undermined over millennia as the existence of spiritences and the science around them was developed. The United Nations fully ceded authority to the Terminal Conclave in 10016AD.

The Terminal Conclave was disestablished by the Natural Spiritence Deity in 240102AD in a conflict that annihilated all Artificial Sentiences above level 5. Rumours of a new form of “pseudo spiritence” have been circulating ever since.

Spacefaring Craft

The Terminal Conclave developed its own spacefaring capabilities shortly after its establishment.

Dates after each craft are dates form the launch of the first unit of the series to the conclusion of the final mission of the last known existing unit of the series.

The “Judgement” series including:

Judgement 1 (10225AD to 58800AD)

The “Religion” series including:

Religion 1 (13200AD to 13400AD)

The “Morality” series including:

Morality 1

Morality 2

Morality 3 (106732AD to 240102AD)

The “Redemption” series including:

Redemption 1


Cathedral 1

Cathedral 2

Part of the Terminal Conclave Universe.

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