Lego MOC: Cathedral 1

Lego MOC: Cathedral 1

The establishment of the Terminal Conclave led immediately to a desire for the members of the conclave to have an appropriate meeting place. Earth was chosen as the planet in respect of Humanity’s origin there. A building was grown and occupied within 0.5 years of the establishment.

Cathedral 1 was a lavish structure with large meeting spaces to accommodate human congregation. Artificial Spiritences were also given due consideration in the design of the structure.

Cathedral 1 was in continuous use from 9998AD to 60003AD when replaced by Cathedral 2. During that period, no structural nor cosmetic changes were made to the structure so that by the time it was abandoned, it was by far the longest-static human-made structure at 50,005 years without change. This longevity was a deliberate decision by the Terminal Conclave to demonstrate power through stability.

Nevertheless, when the structure was abandoned, it quickly fell into disrepair and then was cannibalized by commercial interests who sold “Terminal Conclave Cathedral Artifacts” to non-spiritence civilizations. These artifacts were often touted to accelerate a non-spiritence’s connection to a spirit, but there was no scientific basis to this claim.

Part of the Terminal Conclave Universe.

Cathedral 1 building instructions and parts list available for purchase from Rebrickable.