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Sabbatical Day 11 – 2 Work Days

Yesterday, Monday the 10th, the Partners of BERTEIG met with our financial advisor Don.  We discussed a number of strategic topics including how to deal with a gig that is not even breaking even due to unexpected costs.  Overall it was a good meeting, but I had forgotten about it so it actually annoyed me quite a bit.  Today, I was at the first day of my CSM.  I decided to commute by rail to and from Toronto same day.  I enjoyed that.  Tomorrow is the second day and I will go in again, but this time I will drive.

Yesterday I also had the second of my MATH 2155 classes.  I’m _really_ worried that it is going to be extremely boring.  The textbook is easy, the classes are super easy, and the pace is slow.  Now, it’s only been two classes so I’m going to give it a bit more time, but I’m also going to talk with an academic counsellor tomorrow morning if I can to ask about other options.  The MATH 3020 class is much more interesting.  So that’s good.

I’ve also started doing a lot more biking and I’m finding it both challenging and enjoyable.  My fitness is okay, but my strength is still low so hills are challenging.  Today on my bike ride I felt serious burn in my quads because I really pushed myself to run up the hills.  I’ll see how they are tomorrow!

A friend of mine on Facebook doxed a public figure.  I found this to be offensive, so I reported it as not meeting the Facebook community standards, and they removed the post (Facebook did). It only took them a few minutes to respond.  I was actually quite impressed with how responsive they were.  The reporting system is anonymous and I haven’t told my friend that I did this (and I won’t identify that person here).  However, I felt that no one should go through a doxing, regardless of what they have done, and in this particular case, it was really a difference of opinions, not even a matter for semi-justifiable vigilante justice.  If that friend figures out I did this, I hope they will ask me for a discussion about it, but I suspect that person will just unfriend/block me.  I hope not, because I appreciate our discussions and seeing their posts.

I listen to the No Agenda podcast and I finished listening to episode 1067 while on the train today.  Excellent episode, but not their normal thing.  They did two interviews including an interesting interview with Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, in which he explains a bit about his perspective on Trump as a master influencer.  I found it fascinating.