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590/500000 The One-Tenth of One Percent Mark

I did another 285 sit-ups this past week up to and including today, Feb 4th. This brings me to 590 so far. I’m still continuing to accelerate, but I have quite a ways to go to get to a good number per week: about 4000! My goal this past week was just to break 200 so I’m doing well. This next week I hope to do 350 in the week. I’ve also added doing multiple sets in a session, so far just twice. So my expectation is that I will do a single set every morning of 20+ and two sets every evening of 15+. I’ll probably do more.

In other news, I started tanning again. I find it incredibly relaxing. I’ve never really liked massage, and so this works well for me. I don’t need a lot of time to relax: 12 to 15 minutes is great. It’s warm, has a huge amount of white noise from the fans that run, and it’s completely private. And, particularly in the winter, I really appreciate the light.

I’ve been working from the BERTEIG office downtown as much as possible. It has brought focus to my work and has given me the regular company of two of my colleagues: Iryna and Shradhdha. Mostly we listen to music as we work independently. But it’s nice to see other people around. Sometimes other colleagues or visitors come in as well. I work on marketing, sales and consulting with customers. Iryna does bookkeeping. Shradhdha does software development. My only complaint is my desk chair is a bit uncomfortable. Maybe my CFO will authorize the purchase of a new chair sometime soon! At home I have a fantastic chair by Humanscale: the Diffrient World. I love it more than my Aeron.

Sabbatical Day 4 – Kids and Heat

My day was mostly with kids: I cycled with Verity to school for her first day of high school.  Yay!  I got back home and took a very quick dip in the pool.  Then I took Justice to a oral surgeon for a consultation about his wisdom teeth – no need to do surgery until the school year is over.  Yay!  Then I ate lunch and I spent a bit of time sunbathing and swimming in the heat.  Yay!  Then I cycled back to Verity’s school and picked her up.  Yay!  Then Melanie, Haifa, Verity, Ocean and I went into the back yard and the pool.  Yay!  Then we all went out for ice cream.  Yay yay!!  Then we kinda ate a light dinner and puttered around.  We said evening prayers.  And I took my camera outside to try some night sky photography.  Yay!  I tried getting software to work to “stack” the images – but I couldn’t get it to work.  Boo!

So that’s eight “yay”s and one “boo”.  That’s a pretty good day!

Also, I’ve made good progress in setting up my personal kanban board for my sabbatical projects:

The expedite column is for Melanie to give me work to do while I’m not working at BERTEIG.  I’m hypothesizing that a WIP limit of 5 for the In Process stage is probably about right for me.