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3485/500000 and 10th Day of the Baha’i Fast

My day of rest was good and I’m taking another ont tomorrow (one a week). This past week I set two new records: 100 reps of sit-ups in a single set (!!!) and 800 reps total for the week. The 100 reps was really hard and I felt awful afterwards. I also did another 150 reps day. However, I’ve added crunches to the traditional sit-ups, and I’m just calling them all “sit-ups”. So now, I will do 100 proper sit-ups per day and start working on increasing my crunches. I’ve also lost a bit of weight, about 7 lbs, mostly due to eating only one meal per day due to…

The Baha’i Fast has been great this year. It’s a little harder than last year, truth be told, probably because of my week off of work. I find it hard to ignore hunger and tiredness when I don’t actually have to do anything during the day. The part I’m having a hard time with is really getting some good prayer time in. There are distractions, but also I’m just having a hard time remembering. I have, however, been trying to spend time with each member of my family during this week. I have to do something with Ocean and Justice still. I went for dinner with Melanie, dinner with Haifa, and a movie with Verity (Captain America – good, but not great, btw).

I’ve tried doing a bit of pottery/ceramic art, but I feel like I haven’t got the hang of it right now. I tried an experiment for making tentacle sculptures, but it didn’t work out so well. And this evening I started a new “vase”, but it’s too early to say if it will work out.

I finished reading “Great North Road” by Peter F Hamilton. Fantastic sci-fi/detective/creature novel. Some really touching moments. Nice long read too, and completely self-contained. No sequel to wait for. No really unique ideas, but extremely well-written and enjoyable. I highly recommend it!

Sabbatical Day 4 – Kids and Heat

My day was mostly with kids: I cycled with Verity to school for her first day of high school.  Yay!  I got back home and took a very quick dip in the pool.  Then I took Justice to a oral surgeon for a consultation about his wisdom teeth – no need to do surgery until the school year is over.  Yay!  Then I ate lunch and I spent a bit of time sunbathing and swimming in the heat.  Yay!  Then I cycled back to Verity’s school and picked her up.  Yay!  Then Melanie, Haifa, Verity, Ocean and I went into the back yard and the pool.  Yay!  Then we all went out for ice cream.  Yay yay!!  Then we kinda ate a light dinner and puttered around.  We said evening prayers.  And I took my camera outside to try some night sky photography.  Yay!  I tried getting software to work to “stack” the images – but I couldn’t get it to work.  Boo!

So that’s eight “yay”s and one “boo”.  That’s a pretty good day!

Also, I’ve made good progress in setting up my personal kanban board for my sabbatical projects:

The expedite column is for Melanie to give me work to do while I’m not working at BERTEIG.  I’m hypothesizing that a WIP limit of 5 for the In Process stage is probably about right for me.