BoSpax Corp

BoSpax Corp was the dominant commercial space exploration, transport and manufacturing company from at least the 21st century up to their dissolution nearly three thousand years later in 4828AD.

The origins of BoSpax Corp are lost to history. Most scholars believe the company was founded sometime in the 20th or 21st century. Unfortunately, records from that time are sparse due to the prevalent use of degradable storage media such as paper, magnetic surfaces, and silicon micro-structures.

Space Exploration

Early space exploration was dangerous and expensive. BoSpax was probably one of the first companies to innovate to reduce the cost and risk by creating standardized re-usable components for their various space craft. They also innovated on propulsion systems but often also used government research or stole intellectual property from other companies to advance their space exploration abilities. Their founder was one of the first human duo-centenarians and during his second century was often the pilot on trial flights of new systems.

The BoSpax models used for exploration include the following in chronological order of the maiden voyages of their first commercial-use unit:

Space Discoverer 1

Space Discoverer 2

Space Explorer Solo

Space Explorer Duo

Space Explorer Family

Space Exposer Ultra 1

Space Exposer Ultra 2

Space Exposer Ultra Pro

BoSpax Exposer Ultra Edition

BoSpax Explorer Prime

BoSpax Explorer Prime+

BoSpax Etherspace 1 – 4194AD to 4421AD

BoSpax Etherspace 2

BoSpax Etherspace 3

Space Transport

Space transport was the foundation of BoSpax as a business and led to some of the fastest corporate growth seen in human history with sustained 60%+ year-over-year growth in revenue, profit, flights, human flight time,… in every measure… and this growth was sustained over the course of 48 years from 2087AD to 2135AD. (Recall, this was a period when human economic growth was approximately 35% year-over-year for the same period – a never-repeated period of wealth-creation.)

Early BoSpax transport model names are lost to history. There is some evidence they were named after mythological creatures including possibly witches, dragons or djinn. Our list is, therefore, likely not complete. Verified records of their transport models begin in the late 21st century. The following list is chronological order of the maiden voyages of their first commercial-use unit in each model:

Space Transport 1

Space Transport Mega

Space Transport Ultra

Space Conveyance 001

Space Conveyance 002

Space Conveyance 003

Space Conveyance 004

Space Conveyance 005

BoSpax Hyper Transport

BoSpax Ultra Transport

BoSpax Utility Hauler X

BoSpax Utility Hauler XI

BoSpax Utility Hauler XII

BoSpax Utility Super Hauler

Space Manufacturing

BoSpax always manufactured its own craft. In 2165AD, they acquired ForTMisc Group Inc. and added manufacturing as a service to other organizations. Their greatest contribution to manufacturing was the creation of a standardized, fully-robotic orbital manufacturing platform, the BoSpax Creator Expert™. The Creator Expert™ that used raw material from asteroids or other small orbital bodies in a system and local solar power to build any of a number of standardized components from a catalogue of over 50 million parts, assemble them to order, and deliver them to other orbital craft. The Creator Expert™ could build more of itself and deploy the new manufacturing platforms to new locations using a single module of a Space Conveyance transport ship.

The other major contribution was the system for configuring space craft called the BoSpax Modular Space Conveyance™ brand module. This module system was the space-equivalent of the shipping container used in the last phase of Earth’s commercial sea-transport logistics industry.

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